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  • Friedrich-Wilhelm-von-Steuben-Straße 90
    60488 Frankfurt am Main
  • Phone: +49 69-789 88 29-0

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Interdisciplinary and international contacts

You study at one university and in FDH you get to know students from other universities in Frankfurt and from other disciplines. You can improve your language skills by talking with your neighbors. Participate also in the events of FDH or profit from the support!

All rooms in FDH are furnished, and have internet. Before moving in you have to pay one rent, 10 € fee for administration and a deposit.
There are several different forms of rooms or apartments in FDH. You can apply for:

  • a single room with its own bathroom (shower, toilet), sharing the kitchen with 5 neighbours in house H (320 €) look at the photos
  • a single room with its own bathroom (shower, toilet), sharing the kitchen with 1 or 5 neighbours in house A+B+C+D+E+F (338 €)
  • a single room sharing 3 or 4 bathroom (shower, toilet) and kitchen with 7 or 9 neighbours in house C+D (290 €) 
  • an apartment (double) consisting of two rooms, one bathroom (shower, toilet) and a pantry kitchen for 620 € in house H (the rooms can also be rented separately)
  • an apartment (single) with its own bathroom (shower, toilet) and pantry kitchen for 355 € in house H und G
  • a single room (mostly) with its own bathroom, sharing the kitchen with 1, 2, 3 or 5 neighbours in house G (320-340 €)
  • an apartment for families or singles with children, with 2, 3 or 4 rooms in house G and seperate houses (479-850 €) 

Short overview of rooms/apartments:


# in FDHTypeSize [sqm]    Rent [€]      Deposit [€]
54 community single room house H ca.14 320.00 700.00
17 apartment double house H 2 rooms 620.00 1,200.00
5 apartment single house G+H 1 room 355.00 700.00
76 community single room house G ca.18,6-24,6 320-340 700.00
20 apartment for families house G + Appartements 2-4 rooms 479-850 1,700.00
316 community single room house A+B+C+D+E+F ca.20/22 338,00 700.00
86 community single room house C+D ca.18/19 290,00 700,00


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The advisor is the person of contact if:

  • you would like to participate in an event of FDH
  • you want to organize events
  • you would like to have some advice in difficult situations
  • you want to improve your (soft) skills
  • you live in FDH and …

The advisor offers coaching and counselling and supports the student representatives. He cooperates with the team of Katholische Hochschulgemeinde (KHG). You find his office in house H, the entrance is at the gate of the parking lot.
Matthias Böhm ist the new advisor.



Suitable apartments for families and singles with children

Student families or singles with children find suitable apartments in house G of FDH. Further informations: The Rooms
The green area provides a good surrounding so that you and your children can feel at home.
Furthermore there is a toddlers’ group in the house, provided by the “Sozialpädagogische Verein”. If interested, please register on time.

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Bewerbung / Application


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